To work at Joe

Would you like to be part of Joes new and constantly advancing work environment? Are you an active and positive character ready to do your best? Below you can find our open positions and our open application. Apply, connect and become a part of improving cities mobility towards a better, environmentally friendly future.

Open positions

Stay alert! We will open new applications after the change of the year for the season 2023. Until then, you can get in touch by sending an open application.

Open application

Are there no free positions that match your interests right now? Don’t worry! Leave us an open application and connect with us. We’re constantly in the search for new fresh experts to help us develop urban mobility forward. Because Joe is a new company, we truly pay attention to open applications and they often stand out for their own benefit.

Please give us a short introduction about yourself and your skills in your open application. Why would you be a good addition to Joe’s team? Please remember to include your CV as well.

You can send the application to us at:

Joe as an organization

Joe creates opportunities…

… for cities grow and be part of the change.

… for people to move around their city in a new and fun way.

… for employees to develop and advance in their careers.

… to make a more environmentally sustainable choice.

You can reach us

In our work environment, we invest in people-oriented management. We want to be reachable. We achieve reachability by creating a clear organizational structure, effective communication and giving employees good orientation and guidance to their work tasks. This way, difficult situations can be resolved quickly and automatically. We want that at Joe everyone has easy access to help and support.

Joe also reaches the customer. We want to concentrate on the quality, efficiency and automation of our customer communication. When it comes to electric scooters, users feedback to our customer service is extremely valuable. Fast and smooth exchange of information between the customer and our customer service is an advantage for everyone. That is why we aim to make it as reachable and effortless as possible.