We are looking for support workers for the summer season

The season ends in October, but it is also possible to sign a contract between June and August.

As a support employee, you are responsible for assisting Joe Scooter with customer service tasks and providing technical support to the field team. Customer service includes, for example, responding to customer feedback and resolving customers problems. You will assist the field team in – among other things – the placement of Joes electric scooters.

The technical support tasks include managing the Joe Scooter app and running various tasks, taking into account the needs and situations going on in the field. Previous experience in technical support tasks is not required, but it is an advantage for the work.

The work is telecommuting, so it doesn’t matter where you live. Even though the work is done remotely, you are in close contact with your co-workers and clients that operate in the field. Working days are on weekdays and weekends. The work is done in three shifts (morning, evening and night shifts).

We expect you to be able to act independently, with a brisk attitude, IT skills, written and oral proficiency in Finnish and English. We expect the applicant to have a customer service attitude and commitment to performing the tasks in the manner mutually agreed at the beginning of the work. A good attitude, flexibility and desire to develop is often enough.

Our values ​​include focus on the solutions and having the right attitude towards work. For us, the right attitude means that everyone does their best: we are flexible and proactive. The success of each of our team members is the success of us all, success of Joe.

At the beginning of your employment, you will receive a comprehensive introduction and throughout your employment you will have the support of your own supervisor.

Interviews will start already during the application period and the places will be filled once the right people are found.

Free-form applications + CV to rekry@joescooter.fi