Safety rules and parking

Safety rules and instructions for Joe electric scooters:

  • We strongly recommend you to use a cycling helmet.
  • Do not drink if you ride.
  • If you’re under 18 years old, only ride with your parents consent.
  • Ride Joe only one person at the time.
  • Do not answer calls or text while driving.
  • Joe’s electric scooter is equated to a bicycle in the Road Traffic Law, so please use biking roads when you ride a Joe, or ride near to the side of the road. Sidewalks are meant for pedestrians only.
  • Park Joe by paying attention to other road users and street maintenance. Try not to block buildings passageways.
  • You can find the prices of a Joe ride by opening the app and pressing the icon on the available board.

Parking an electric scooter

Good places to park an electric scooter are…

… Bicycle racks.

… Parking areas for lighter traffic.

… Walls of buildings where the scooter does not cover or block a display window, entrance/exit, etc.

… Pre-existing blockades of traffic, such as fences.

A good way to park an electric scooter is to leave the scooter…

… Standing by using the kickstand. This way, the scooter does not cause danger to the visually impaired road users or to those with limited mobility.

… When the scooter is not lying down, it is also easier for other users to find it.

… Parallel to a building or a blockade. This way, the board takes up less space from other road users.

… At least two meters away from roadways and crosswalks.

… Neatly considering also the well-being of nature.

Safety rules and instructions for electric mopeds:

  • Joe’s electric mopeds are equated in the Road Traffic Act with a two-wheeled motor vehicle with a maximum design speed of up to 45 kilometers per hour (km / h).
  • The rider has a responsibility to comply with the Road Traffic Law.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to ride our moped.
  • You must have a valid AM / 120 driving license. You cannot ride a vehicle if you only have an AM / 121 and T license.
  • You will need to identify your driver’s license and identity through the Joe Scooter app before starting your ride.
  • Do not drink if you ride.
  • You must have a driver’s license with you at all times when using the vehicle.
  • The vehicle may only be ridden with the helmet on. A helmet is included in the rent of the e-moped.

Parking an electric moped

An electric moped may be parked on the sidewalk and light traffic lane, but the parking must not limit pedestrians or cyclers way. The customer must take a picture of the electric moped they have parked in order to stop the ride. This helps us to ensure that the moped has been parked responsibly. Please learn about parking areas of the city specifically before you start your ride.