Maps and areas

Green – Parking area

Green areas are excellent places to park a Joe.

Yellow – Bonus area.

Bonus areas are often the busiest areas to start a Joe ride. So when you park inside a bonus area, we reward you for choosing a favorable parking place considering the next rider! (In these areas, it is also often possible to park Joe neatly.) The percentage mentioned in the specific bonus area will be refunded to your Joe app wallet.

Red – No parking in this area.

These areas are not for Joe parking. So you can’t stop your Joe ride inside a red area. Please check these areas for your own good before you start your ride, so you don’t miss the potential parking spots.

No colour – Gray area.

Gray area is the opposite of the bonus area. You can park your board in the gray area, but parking in this area can be more expensive, since these areas are not favorable places considering the next rider. We may give a fee from parking inside a Gray area if it causes us additional costs. We deal gray area parking on a case-by-case basis. So we recommend parking in the green or yellow areas for your own benefit.

Väritön alue

Purple – Limited speed range.

Limited speed zones have been created for your own safety and for the safety of other traffic users. The maximum speed inside this range is slower than usually.

Black – Prohibited area.

Black areas are not for riding or parking a Joe. You can’t access these areas during your Joe ride.