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Joe Scooter micromobility service.
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Using our eScooter service makes your moving easier since you can leave scooter close to your destination. Joe scooters decrease carbon emissions. One might even say they are greener than the others since Joe scooters are repaired and refurbished scooters that were in the end of their life cycle before we gave them a new life as Joe. Joe scooters is a Finnish company and scooters have been refurbished in Finland.

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How to drive JoeScooter?

  1. Download the app
  2. Create your account
  3. Find a Joe scooter
  4. Unlock by scanning the QR code
  5. Enjoy you Joe ride
  6. Park the scooter so that It does not disturb others
  7. End your ride in the app
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Tampere • Kalajoki • Jyväskylä

• Lappeenranta • Kuopio • Mikkeli • Kotka

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