We want that easier moving opportunities reach your city. Ride with Joe and be a part of your city’s change towards a greener future. Download the app, hop on and enjoe the ride!

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This is how you ride Joe scooter

  • Download JOE app and create your own account.

  • You can see available scooters from maps in JOE app.

  • Go to the nearest board on the location the map shows and unlock the scooter by scanning the QR code in JOE app.

  • JOE is now ready to be ridden.

Kick the starting pace and let JOE move you around! When you decide to end your journey, release JOE for the next user by using the app to end your ride.

Enjoe safely

Ride safely ­– the rider has the responsibility also when it comes to electric scooters.

Park responsibly

Shared vehicle, shared responsibility

Please park Joe by paying attention to other road users and street maintenance. So please don’t block the driveway. We want to increase enjoyment and opportunities for easy moving in your city, not decrease them. Everyone is having fun when all kinds of passengers are taken into account.

Please let us know if you’ve seen Joe parked in a bad manner. It will help us to do something about it as soon as possible.

Enjoe your city

Our mission is to enliven the communities, tourism and businesses in your city. We do this by providing more modern and environmentally friendly opportunities of shared mobility. We want to give smaller cities a chance to be a part of the change as well.

Maps – See your city with Joe’s eyes

You can already see Joe enlivening the streets of your city, but before you hop on Joe scooter and start your ride, it’s important that you first learn to see your city through Joe’s eyes. Therefore please check the parking areas on the map of your city well in advance when riding Joe. Here below we have instructions for you to understand the areas of Joe apps maps. We’ve given different areas with different meanings each their own color.


Joe aims to increase environmentally sustainable solutions in your city. All of our electric scooters and electric mopeds are completely fossil-free forms of transportation. In addition, Joe operates at the core of circular economy: most of our electric scooters are constructed in Finland from boards that have met the end of their life cycle. We’re determined to help all our scooters have as long life as possible by investing in effective repairing arrangements.


Kouvola – Kalajoki- Mikkeli

Pori – Rauma – Rovaniemi

Do you represent a city that is not yet on the list and want Joe to reach your city too? Would you like Joe scooters to arrive to a certain place in your home city? We are constantly expanding our reach – so get contacted!

To work at Joe?

Joe is a young company: we have an ongoing spark to grow as a business and improve environmentally friendly transportation possibilities, moving cities towards a better future. With us, you can be a part of an innovative team and put your own talent and ambition to action.

We value the individual expertise and skills of each applicant. We want to create opportunities to put your unique interests to practice with us. Are you ready to join Joe?